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Who we are

We are the School of Philosophy Wessex, a branch of the School of Philosophy and Economic Science, with Head Offices in London. Further information on the School as a whole is through the website www.schoolofphilosophy.org.

Both the parent school and its branches are run as an independent educational charity.

Wessex School

The School of Philosophy Wessex (previously called the Wessex School of Philosophy) was established in 1983, as a Branch of the The School of Philosophy and Economic Science, which is based in central London. in almost every year since then the Wessex School has offered courses in practical philosophy in a number of locations in Hampshire, Dorset and West Sussex and over the course of the years many students have enrolled, with many continuing after the first introductory course and a good many making it a life-long study and a way of life.


After a few terms of studying philosophy, students are encouraged to take up the practice of mantra-meditation which helps in applying philosophy to everyday life and bringing a sense of fulfilment, steadiness and happiness. 


Courses in economics with justice are also offered by the Wessex School from time to time. These aim to show how a more equitable distribution of wealth can be achieved while leaving the world in as good a condition as we find it, or better. Also, there are studies of Plato and Sanskrit.

The Wessex School also offers usually each term public talks on subjects related to practical philosophy and economics. These talks usually take place in either Winchester or Southampton and are advertised on this website.

Discussion groups

The School works through discussion in groups.

All tutors are also students of philosophy within the school, and attend weekly classes as a student.

The intent of the school is that everyone attending, however long or short their stay, will find something of value for use in their lives.

All are welcome

All are welcome to sample what the school has to offer through the introductory course, and to continue further with their studies as they wish.

We are an educational charity and a not-for-profit organisation. Course fees are kept as low as possible and are used to enable the school to continue to offer its courses to as many people as possible.

Principles & Practices

The School has adopted various working principles with the aim of protecting the integrity of its work and the welfare of its students. To find out more click below.

How it works

A tutor presents material, and leads a discussion based on what arises. Being practical rather than academic, the emphasis is on personal knowledge. Students are encouraged neither to accept nor reject the ideas put forward, but to test them in practice for themselves, in the light of their own experience.

Frequently asked questions

The course is practical in the sense that it takes philosophical ideas and shows how they can be of direct use in our everyday lives. The intention is to stimulate enquiry and through this expand the way we look at the world and ourselves.

Online by selecting the course and location you wish to enrol on, add to cart and then checkout. Alternatively you can email wessexphilosophy@fses.org

If you register online, you will receive a confirmation email with your receipt and the start date of the course for your first days attendance. If you register by any means other than online, you will receive a receipt confirming your registration.

No, all you need is an open and enquiring mind. The course is intended for everyone, regardless of education, occupation, race, political or religious belief.

First you need to enrol on a course. The in-person courses are available in Chichester, Poole and Southampton. Local maps can be found on this page. Other local venues are also available up and down the UK.

If you have any questions simply call us on 07808 931241 or by emailing wessexphilosophy@fses.org

Practical Philosophy Poole

What some of our students say...

“Absolutely loving the course!!"

“Absolutely loving the course!! …Really changing how I think about things and life in general.”

“...I am benefiting greatly ..."

“...I am benefiting greatly from the content and the practical nature of it. Thank you, it is enriching my life.”

“I feel more relaxed...”

“The daily awareness exercises … have changed my thinking and I feel more relaxed about situations in the media and other aspects of my daily life.”

"...helped me..."

"The knowledge and experience that I have gained from the philosophy classes has helped me to discover more about myself and better prepare for dealing with life's daily surprises and challenges."

Introductory Practical Philosophy Courses

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