Sanskrit Courses

Online Sanskrit

Sanskrit is, among other things, an essential aid to:

  • understanding in-depth the wisdom contained in the Upanishads and Bhagavad Gita;
  • understanding spiritual concepts which are not capable of accurate expression in English;
  • purifying the mind through sound

Introductory courses for those studying Practical Philosophy are now available online for free. 

(No introductory courses are available in-person in Wessex).

samskritam course

The beautifully formed characters of the Sanskrit alphabet herald the study of the Sanskrit language in the School. In speaking of the Sanskrit language in 1974, Sri Santananda Saraswati said:

"The Truth has been disclosed through all languages, at least it has tried to be disclosed and proclaimed through all languages, but the Truth was originally declared through the Sanskrit language and it still holds the Truth in its original form."